Hostinger Vs Godaddy: Which Hosting Provider Is Cheaper?

Hostinger Vs Godaddy: Which Hosting Provider Is Cheaper?

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Hosting is useful for the users to keep their data of website at a safe place. You need more space as your data increases. This can lead to charge a high price for the service provided by the hosting company. Hosting and Godaddy are popular hosting service providers. But, when we compare Hostinger vs Godaddy: Which hosting provider is cheaper?

Now, you can see the plans and prices offered by these hosting companies. 

Cost Of Hosting: Hostinger Vs Godaddy 

We have a full list of pricing differences between Hostinger and Godaddy companies. This can be helpful to analyze Hostinger vs Godaddy: which hosting provider is cheaper?

Price of Hostinger

                          Versions                    Cost Of Hostinger
                            Single                    $1.39/Month
                            Premium                    $2.59/Month
                            Business                    $3.99/Month

Price Of Godaddy

                          Versions                      Cost Of Godaddy
                          Basics                    $6.99/Month
                          Standard                    $10.49/Month
                          Premium                    $13.99/Month
                          Ecommerce                    $17.49/Month

The best company is one which does not compromise with the features in front of cost. Features can show which is worth Hostinger vs Godaddy.

Which One Is Better Hostinger Or Godaddy?

Both Hosting companies like Hostinger and Godaddy provide quality features. But, as you see that there is a huge difference in the pricing of Hostinger vs Godaddy. Now, you can see what benefits are provided by these service provider companies. If you want to choose the cheap web hosting service provider than Hostinger and GoDaddy are reliable option.

                        Hostinger                            Godaddy
SSL is provided for all plansSSL is not available to all plans
Hostinger provides better speed as compared to GoddayGodaddy does not provide much speed as compare to Hostinger
It offers cheap Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, Cloud Hosting, and Email Hosting.Today offers Shared Hosting, WordPress Hosting, VPS Hosting, and Dedicated Hosting.
Domain registration is not available for the basic planYou can register your domain in each plan of hosting
Hostinger provides storage for up to 200GBGodaddy gives unlimited disk space.

According to this features list, some features are available in Hostinger or some in Godaddy. But, when comparing the features list with the price then Hostinger is the best option for you.

Conclusion – Hostinger Vs Godaddy: Which Hosting Provider Is Cheaper?

As we have provided the information about Hostinger and Godaddy features as well as Prices. Hostinger almost contains all beneficial features which are necessary for users. Hostinger provides this service at the lowest price as compared to Godaddy. So, Hostinger is cheaper hosting provider company as compare to Godaddy hosting company. 

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