CamStudio vs OBS Studio 2021 – Which Is Better?

CamStudio vs OBS Studio 2021 – Which Is Better?

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If you are looking for a comparison of CamStudio vs OBS Studio, then this is the right place for you. Here we will compare different aspects of this software through which you can easily choose which software is better, CamStudio or OBS Studio. 

Difference between CamStudio and OBS Studio

We will differentiate between CamStudio and OBS Studio by describing them separately.


CamStudio is a popular software known for screen capturing. It is free and easy to use for everyone and also offers best features such as Webcam recording, high-quality video output, and much more.

OBS Studio

OBS Studio is an open-source platform for video recording and streaming live. It can be operated on Windows, Mac, or Linux devices and it is free to use.

Overview: Difference between CamStudio vs OBS Studio

As we can see both are popular products for screen recording with high-quality features but OBS Studio offers you the platform to stream live which is not offered by CamStudio.

CamStudio or OBS Studio: Which software offers more features?

CamStudioOBS Studio
You can record videos in the AVI file format. It allows you to highlight the cursor path that makes it catchy to users. You can record audio and video simultaneously. Also, it lets you add comments to the video. It performs real-time high performance with webcam recording. You can generate video using images, window captures, text, webcams, and much more. Through custom transitions, you can set unlimited scenes and move to them with ease. Premade filters for audio such as noise gate, noise suppression, and gain. Easy configuration styles, you can easily add new and duplicate sources and regulate their properties. It provides a Studio mode feature that allows you to preview your scenes before you stream live.

Overview: OBS vs CamStudio Feature Comparison

After comparing features of Camstudio or OBS Studio, you can see that OBS Studio provides more and better features to users for screen recording like high real-time performance, custom transitions, studio mode, premade filters that are not provided by CamStudio software.

Which One Is Affordable: CamStudio or OBS Studio?

Both CamStudio and OBS Studio are free-to-use software. You can easily download and use them free for personal or commercial work purposes. So both are easily affordable for all users without spending a single penny. 

Conclusion: Which is Better CamStudio vs OBS Studio

Since we have compared CamStudio or OBS Studio, we have given an overview with every comparison of them. But for the overall comparison, we have concluded that you must choose OBS Studio rather than CamStudio, although both are free software. But it provides more features to users as compared to CamStudio.

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