CamStudio vs Bandicam 2021 – Which Is Worthy To Buy?

CamStudio vs Bandicam 2021 – Which Is Worthy To Buy?

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Do you create videos with screencasting or recording? But somehow you are confused about which software is better for it, CamStudio or Bandicam. Then this comparison of CamStudio vs Camtasia will surely help you find the differences between these two. And you can choose one of them easily in between.

CamStudio vs Bandicam: Which one is better? 

To conclude which one is good for users we will define them gradually which helps you to easily understand the difference between them.

What is CamStudio?

CamStudio is a free and open-source portable screen recorder designed for Microsoft Windows. This software displays videos in AVI format. It is mainly used for creating educational, training, and business purpose videos.

What is Bandicam?

Bandicam software is a closed-source screen capturing or recording software that can record everything on your screen. It is the best software to record games and videos. The recorded video quality is high but in small-size files. 

Difference between CamStudio and Bandicam software

We are comparing features of CamStudio or Bandicam to find out the difference between these two software.

It lets you record video and audio in AVI Files format.You can highlight the cursor path, so your viewers can easily understand the process performed in the video.It converts AVI files into FlashVideo format.You can record audio with the video.It allows you to add comments to your videos.You can outline your video or image in real-time.It allows you to add Webcam records to your videos. You can generate a scheduled recording at a particular time like weekly or daily.You can record audio with your own voice or by the use of system audio.This software allows you to add mouse click effects and animations while video recording.Through Bandicam, you can add a Chroma key video in real-time when you record a computer screen.

Pricing Comparison- Which one is affordable, CamStudio or Bandicam?

CamStudio is completely free software for personal and commercial use as well. You just download it and use it for free. There is no need to buy any subscription for it.

Bandicam offers a free trial to its users but it does not have any free version. You have to purchase its subscription for $39.95 for a one-time payment.

Conclusion: Which is the better choice, CamStudio vs Bandicam?

As we have compared both CamStudio and Bandicam software, we concluded that CamStudio is a better choice rather than Bandicam software. Because it is a completely free and easy-to-use software for everyone and provides almost the same features as Bandicam software.

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